Volume: 27, Issue 1&2, March 2024

Title Author(s) Page(s)
Editorial 07
Embracing Diversity: Libraries as Inclusive Spaces Jaya Sharma 09
Bridging The Digital Divide & Enhancing Inclusivity:
Addressing Web Accessibility Barriers in Library Resources for Specially Abled
Subham Das &
Dr. Udayan Bhattacharya
Digital Divide: An In-Depth Analysis of Information Literacy Disparities in the Transition from Print to Digital Media in India Ibrahim Mollick &
Dr. Sunil Kumar Chatterjee
Disability and Accessibility to Use of Library Resources by Differently Abled Persons:
A Study On Inclusive Library Services
Sayantani Majumder &
Dr. Subarna Kumar Das
A Comprehensive SWOT Analysis of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Library Operations Sheuli Sengupta 48
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Libraries:
Catalyst for Users’ Achievement and Workforce Empowerment
Prakash Rabi Das &
Rajat Ari
Bridging the Digital Divide through the Digital Community Initiatives of West Bengal – Role of Librarians Dr Abhijit Chatterjee , Kaustuv Chakrabarti & Anwesha Chatterjee 67
Digital Equity for Public Library Users of North Bengal:
Steps Towards Combating Information Poverty
Parna Ghosh &
Dr. Tapan Barui
The Indian National Bibliography: A Study of Religious Diversity Chaitali Ghosh & Prof. Udayan Bhattacharya 81
Building Inclusive Communities: Patrons with Disabilities in Libraries Dr. Ruksana Sultana 87
Unveiling Digital Inequities: Exploring the Nexus of Information Access and the Digital Divide in Indian Education Dr. Avik Roy &
Madhabi Rani Bijuli
Embracing Technological Evolution:
A Study On Modern Tools and Techniques in Library Services
Kajinur Rahaman Ali & Dr. Ranjan Samanta 102
Inclusive College Library: Security Perspectives Dr. Anup Kumar Routh 108
Breaking Barriers: How Chat Reference Services Drive Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion in Academic Libraries Soumen Mondal 116
Byte Guardians:
Librarians in The Digital Divide Era-Challenges, Strategies and Empowerment
Sonali Dutta,Ditu Bhungia &
Prof. (Dr) Subarna Kumar Das
Assessment of Sociocultural Diversity Among Authors Representing Sociology Literature: A Case Study on OPAC Record of Jadavpur University Niladri Majumdar 129
Digital Literacy: An Essential Requirement for Societal Progress in India Marien Kujur &
Ibrahim Mollick
Inclusive Services for Various Types of Patrons in Academic Libraries in Sundarban Area, West Bengal Sukumar Mondal &
Saroj Mondal
Analysing the Research Publications on Inclusivity in Libraries Through Different Metric Windows Sritama Ghosh 152
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Open Education System: Reflections at The Netaji Subhas Open University Library Sourav Ghoshal &
Dr. Anupam Ghosh
Integrated Library System (ILS): Trends and Future Dr. Biswajit Das 167
Empowering Women: Strengthening Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion in District ‘A’ Libraries of Vidarbha and Marathwada Division Dipanjan Chatterjee 174
Equitable Access to Information; Critically Analyzing Transgender Using Libraries! Mallika Ray,
Aritraa Dasgupta &
Dr. Asitabha Das
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Approach to Collection Development in Jadavpur University Library Debashish Mukherjee &
Dr. Udayan Bhattacharya
Application of Cloud Computing in College Library Services Payel Mondal 200
Evolution of Technologies in Libraries: A Text Mining Study Sourav Mazumder & Dr Tapan Barui 206
Promoting Information Literacy Libraries: Insights from Research on Design and Frameworks Subhajit Sarkar & Moumita Paul 217
Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DEI) In The Awarding of Nobel Prizes in The Natural Science Domain: A Case Study Apala Chatterjee 230
Shared Culture of Accessibility: Inclusive Services for Patrons from Various Cultural BackGrounds Julekha Shaikh 237
Promoting Inclusivity and Equity: Exploring Strategies and Obstacles in Addressing Intersectionality and Language Barriers Within Library Diversity Initiatives - A Case Study of UEMK Central Library. Shreya Thakur 243
Bridging The Digital Divide: A Study of Digital Equity and Digital Inclusion in University Libraries of JU, CU and RBU Soumi Sengupta & Sananda Gupta 257
Information Architecture Analysis and Webometric Evaluation of the Websites of Public Libraries Under Ministry of Culture, Government of India Shampa Mahato &
Dr. Sunil Kumar Chatterjee
Investigating The Current Research Landscape of Social Justice Concerns in Sustainable Development: A Bibliometric Analysis Gargi Dhali &
Dr. Tapan Barui
Promoting Equity and Inclusivity: Serving Trans* Patrons in Libraries Through the Lens of Social Justice Jayashree Patra 285
Assessing NAAC Guidelines Compliance: A Comparative Study of Library Best Practices in Central Universities Across West Bengal, Bihar, And Assam Choutisha Halder
Kajinur Rahaman Ali &
Nabhonil Saha
Cultural Diversity and Staff Training: The DEI Scenario in Public Libraries of Southern Bengal Dr. Sudeshna Moitra 304
Bridging The Digital Divide: Addressing DisParities in Internet Access and Usage in Developing Countries with a Focus On India Dr. Ranjan Samanta &
Dipanjali Chakraborty
An Information Seeking Behaviour of Inclusive Content for Hearing and Speaking Impaired Persons Broadcasted On Doordarshan Channel Present On Youtube: A Content Analysis Approach Anurima Ghosh 324
Mapping the Research Landscape of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in LIS Education Nilanjana Mondal &
Dr. Subarna Kumar Das
Analyzing Trends: A Content Analysis of Library and Information Science News Chandana Paul Dutta &
Prof.Udayan Bhattacharya
Understanding Social Justice and Equity of Access to Library and Information Services Rajat Ari &
Prakash Rabi Das
Significance of Open Access to Libraries in A DE&I Environment of Free Thought Avijit Halder 348
Library Inclusivity for The Visually Impaired Students Of Jadavpur University and Visva Bharati University: A Comparative Study Somenath Saha &
Azad Hossain
Why the Utilization of Sentiment Analysis is Vital for Improving Inclusivity in Library Services Debolina Biswas &
Dr. Udayan Bhattacharya
The Vital Role of Libraries in Promoting Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion: A Comprehensive Review Aroja Ghosh 368
Use of Open Access Resources by the PG Students of Faculty of Science at Jadavpur University Arindam Nath &
Prof. Subarna Kumar Das
Recruitment and Selection Process of Library and Information Professionals in all IITs in India: An Analytical Study Kishore Dey 381
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI): Creating More Inclusive and Hospitable Libraries for All Users Rupali Rupasmita Pradhan & Dr. Udayan Bhattacharya 390
Impact of Technologies On Rural and Urban Areas of West Bengal in Accessing Information Soumita Mitra & Atanu Mondal 396
Culturally Inclusive Public Library Services: A Multicultural Outlook Rakhi Bar 404
Exploring Assistive Technology Usage Patterns among Visually Impaired Students at Jadavpur University in The Context of Accessible Library Animesh Dutta &
Prof. Sunil Kumar Chatterjee
Activities On Inclusive Education and Library Services to Underprivileged Community of an Undergraduate College in Rural Areas of WB: A Study Rumpa Pal 419
Inclusive Services for Patrons from Various Cultural Backgrounds Sonia Ghosh & Madhabi Rani Bijuli 434
Disability Inclusion and Description in Library Classification Schemes Santashree Basu &
Prof.Udayan Bhattacharya